It’s been around five years since I started practicing Yoga. Before that I used to do karate (yes, I’m a karate kid), but I felt I needed a change, something to help me stay fit but also comfort my soul in a different way karate did. Does it make any sense?

I tried a couple of different yoga studios at first, thinking that maybe I was making a mistake and it just wasn´t for me. Until I met someone so different and fresh, that not only became my yoga instructor but also became a friend.

This discipline has only brought me joy: new friends, weekend trips, new activities I didn’t even know about, such as Acro Yoga or Aerial Yoga. I conquered some fears, I started the long journey of learning how to be more balanced, more calmed, to understand my feelings and emotions. And it actually helped me feel stronger and more flexible. I didn’t know sports could be so gentle with your body but challenging at the same time.

I have designed a small book to illustrate the Sun Salutation, this is not only a basic sequence of Asanas but it is also a moving meditation. The Sun Salutation is suitable for beginners and for advanced yogis, and I believe anyone could benefit from it, even children!

I wanted to make something with a handmade feel, beautiful colors and lovely drawings. And I am really proud with the result, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. I made complementary products adapting the design: posters and postcards, so you can decorate the room where you do your practice, your yoga studio, carry the Sun Salutations with you or give a special present to someone.

And now, I just want to start designing the Moon Salutations, I am so excited about choosing the color palette!

Image of a postcard with an Illustrated Sun Salutation sequence.

I’d like to thank Amara Arilla for revising the designs and giving me great advice, and for being the greatest yoga teacher ever.