My Brain

A little bit more about me, join me for a visit to my brain! It is filled with nonsense and dreams. Where do you get your revelations? Are you afraid of anything? Do you have a day dreaming space in your brain? In this image you can find my answer to these questions and a…
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Imagen de un póster con el Saludo al Sol ilustrado por Mónica Galán sobre una pared de ladrillo blanca.

Sun Salutation

It’s been around five years since I started practicing Yoga. Before that I used to do karate (yes, I’m a karate kid), but I felt I needed a change, something to help me stay fit but also comfort my soul in a different way karate did. Does it make any sense? I tried a couple…
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International Women’s Day

Being a feminist is nothing more than considering that men and women have the same rights and deserve the same opportunities. In my opinion, it is not a battle, it is not a discussion, it is searching altogether for the best solutions to live as best as possible, from affection, from tranquility. Today, there is…
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