I like tattoos, I’ve always liked them, I have several ones myself. It is a world that has always seemed very appealling to me. To me, it is an artistic form in which both the artist and the client express themselves.
In my opinion, a tattoo can represent a moment of our lives, a memory, a loved one, it can give us strength, or it can simply decorate a part of our body. I had wanted to learn for a while, but I could not find the place. A friend who has been tattooing for over 10 years gave me a masterclass, which definitely hooked me, but I felt I needed more. My friends encouraged me to learn and after searching again I found a tattoo school in my hometown, TattooA2. There, I took a two-week intensive course, totally personalized, in which I was the only student with my teachers, they treated me as a companion and I acquired the necessary bases to start taking my first steps.
I have learned tattoo history, tattoo meanings, I have learned about the most popular styles and the technique to apply in each one. The atmosphere is very good, familiar but very professional. Training new tattoo artists is not training competitors, but partners, and helps enrich this activity with new professionals, new styles and ways of tattooing. It helps to spread and popularize this ancestral art more, to make it more accessible for people.

Lotus tattoo design.
Lotus flower and Aries symbol for Rebeca ♥

At the end of the course, I made my first tattoo. I have to say that the night before I couln’t sleep at all, and that I was very nervous, but both my first “skin“, my friend Rebeca, as well as my colleagues, gave me enough confidence to do it.
This same week I have thaken the hygienic-sanitary course, necessary to work in all Spanish territory, and now I am looking forward to continue designing tattoos and keep practicing, improving my technique little by little and leaving an indelible memory in a lot of people. I do not know what this new path will bring to me, but I know for sure that I want to enjoy it and continue learning.

Photo of sinthetic skin to practice tattooing and the ipower watch.Photo: TattooA2

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