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I’m Monica, a Spanish illustrator and writer based in London.

I graduated as a teacher and after a few years working as such, I decided to take the leap and work as an illustrator. I am specialized in editorial illustration, illustrated books, maps and 2D animations. I mostly work digitally now (I am a total Procreate enthusiast!), but I enjoy including traditional techniques in my work, such as handmade textures and ink.

Now, I work as an illustrator and writer, starting to work for companies, magazines and publishers. I love projects about wellness and personal development, nature and food!

Some of my latest work includes a map for the book They Draw and Travel: 100 Illustrated Maps of Very Special Places, articles for Principia Magazine, the illustrations for picture books “Grandma’s Purse” and “Let’s Clean the House”. I published my first illustrated book in 2020 as a personal project I am very proud of: The Little Book of Self Care.

Interested in working with me? Send me a message at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you! I am open for commissions and workshops.

To purchase some of my work, you can visit my shop.

5 peculiar things about me:

  1. I am left handed when I write or draw on paper and right handed when I write on a board.
  2. I am very shy, but a part of me is a big goofball, it makes a weird combination sometimes.
  3. I attended two years of Classical Studies at college, before I became a teacher.
  4. I have lived in the Czech Republic and the north of France.
  5. I have a small collection of old clocks my grandpa gave to me.

To learn more about me, visit my portfolio.

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