I still can’t believe that people liked the concertina books and posters of the Sun Salutation so much . A couple of days ago I went to collect the books and posters of my Moon Salutation to the printers and I am very satisfied with the result, I think they will be a success too! The paper is high quality, white and soft and it highlights my illustrations very well.
While the Sun Salutation is an energizing sequence, ideal to start the day or to recharge your “batteries”, the Moon Salutation is a relaxing sequence. I wanted to design the Moon Salutation so this sequence can be followed at times when we need some inner calm, or to leave the day behind and prepare to rest. It is ideal as moving meditation, to stretch our muscles and free ourselves from the tensions of the day, or to help disconnect at times when we feel overwhelmed.
I have chosen a palette that complements and accompanies the Sun Salutation, but that has its own personality, that is relaxing and inspires peace. This way they can be purchased together or separately. I have used Ultraviolet, color chosen by Pantone as the color of the year 2018, a creative color and according to them, “visionary”, which brings us closer to seeing the future. It reminds me of a beautiful starry sky, to me, it is relaxing and fresh.
I am enjoying so much with these little projects that I think I will start to design a third book about meditation in general, which I think is a habit that many of us could benefit from and there is a lot of ignorance about, and I’m sure I’ll prepare a story for children with yoga asanas adapted to them, so that they can learn how to manage their emotions while playing.
I accept suggestions and ideas, as well as collaborations, you can write to me through my contact page.


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