Custom Children’s Poster


A couple of years ago I made an illustration of my cousins’ toddler flying up in the sky as a little super hero. When they had their second baby I wanted to do something extra special and made an illustration of my two nephews going in an adventure with their partners in “mischief”, Kiko and Reina (Can you see Reina in the bike’s basket?). They loved it so much it filled me with joy.
Some friends of them saw the poster and started asking me if I could do the same with their kids and their pets, and I have enjoyed so much designing this posters, thinking of the adventures they could have, filling them with little details only the families would understand, that I decided to offer this custom service in my shop.
I believe this is something that not only will be a great addition to your kids wall decor, but also a everlasting family memento.
If you have any ideas or questions do not hesitate to contact me.


How does it work?

  • BEFORE purchasing this product contact me and tell me what you have in mind. Feel free to use your imagination, you can suggest a place, an adventure, tell me about the children and the pets, if you want to include them too. You can even send me some pictures or a link to a Instagram account!
  • Once we have agreed on the poster idea, purchase this product. Send photos of the children and/or pets to [email protected], you can send them too via Instagram (you can find me as Tell me a little bit about the family, what they like doing, favorite colors… so I can integrate some of these elements in the art work.
  • In some few days you will receive a sketch. You can make some reasonable changes to it.
  • Once the sketch is approved, I will start working on the final illustration. This can take between one or two weeks, if you need it earlier, please let me know before placing your order.
  • Before sending the final illustration, I will send you a preview. You can only make small reasonably adjustments at this point.
  • You will receive two files via email: PDF (for printing) and JPG (for social media or web)
    If you have any questions about my working process, do not hesitate to contact me.


File: PDF (for printing) and JPG (for social media or web)
Size: A3 (29.7 x 21 cm / 16,53 x 11,69 inches)


Rights Of Use
These illustrations are for personal use and they are protected by the Spanish Copyright Law. They can be used to print and frame, make T-shirts, bags, or any item you want, even for a website, as long as any of these do not have a commercial use. If you want an illustration to use commercially you can contact me here. Sharing is caring, of you upload the illustration to your web or social media, please tag me.