Illustration of a girl meditating


When meditating you are a mountain, your thoughts are just clouds. Digital collage. Do you like it? It is available in my shop in card format.
Imagen de un póster con el Saludo al Sol ilustrado por Mónica Galán sobre una pared de ladrillo blanca.

Sun Salutation – Poster

I’ve doing yoga for about 5 years now, and it has brought me nothing but joy: new friendships, a new perspective, a healthier body… I have illustrated a small book with the Sun Salutation along with this poster and postcards,  you can find them in my shop, or you can buy them anytime at DespertarSpirit,…
Imagen de una lámina con el Saludo a la Luna ilustrado por Mónica Galán sobre pared de ladrillo blanco.

Moon Salutation

And here comes my Moon Salutation Illustration. I enjoyed so much this project! To know more about it you can read this post in my blog. I made Concertina Books, Posters and Cards out of this design, if you are interested in getting your own copy please visit my shop. Namasté! 🙏