“Haunted Past” for Ten Paces and Draw

Ten Paces and Draw is a collaborative project founded by by Alyssa Nassner and Rachel Dougherty. Illustrators create a sketch based on an assigned theme and return it to the Ten Paces moderators. Once all sketches for that theme have been submitted, moderators redistribute the sketches at random, so each participant receives another participant’s sketch. Then…

Dream Week

Dream Week Challenge was created by these wonderful illustrators: @byloishannah @cathrinpeterslund @alexgold_art    @grim.incubus @jb0xtchi  @nancychalmers_ @jennifernguyenillustration      

Dream Week Challenge “Flight”

Dream Week: “Flight”. I dream that I fly really often. It is always a struggle to keep myself in the air, but it is also so satisfying to float up there. Here I tried to make it easier with a little help from a bird friend. 🐦🐦🐦 Dream week was created by these wonderful illustrators: @byloishannah @cathrinpeterslund @alexgold_art @grim.incubus @jb0xtchi @nancychalmers_ and @jennifernguyenillustration
Illustration of Santa's Village.

Santa’s Village

Are you planning a trip to the North Pole? This map is the ultimate guide to the hottest spots in Santa’s Village. Do not miss the Reindeer Barn and the Toy Workshop. Up for a hot drink? Visit the Hot Cocoa House. I am very proud of this particular project as it was featured in…